I took some time to put this list together, some highlights of what I’ve learned. It’s somewhat of a nutritional best practices that has allowed me to heal, stay healthy, and live the right way. 

Make changes that you know you can make. 

What I mean is know yourself, and don’t make too quick of a change to handle, otherwise you won’t enjoy it and it won’t stick. Maybe that means small steps at first, or maybe you know there are certain things you aren’t ready to give up or change. Know yourself, but I assure you there are many ways to implement and incorporate a healthier lifestyle.

Plant Based Diet

Everything in bold below are the highlights, but instead of using list form I wanted to write it out so its explained a bit more. 

There is a lot of modern evidence showing how animal based products lead to disease and illness in a wide variety of ways. On the other hand, there is no evidence of a plant based diet leading to any illness or disease, and in fact there is evidence of the exact opposite - it can heal from and not allow disease and illness to form and/or grow. 

I would suggest starting slow, and perhaps replace two days a week as vegetarian or vegan meals. 

Focus on a plant-based diet high in green (especially cruciferous) vegetables, and a ton of color when you can - color can come in the form of fruit or veggies. and all items should be fresh. If something doesn’t perish, that is very unnatural. Avoiding grains that are high carb grains is good, and can be replaced by super healthy ones like faro or buckwheat, using sprouts whenever you can, and using seeds like quinoaas well. Nuts (almonds, brazil nuts, cashews) and seeds (pumpkin, hemp) should be a part of your diet as well. Legumes and beans provide much needed fiber and are a great source of protein.

My Super Foods

Fruits - acai, goji, blueberries, strawberries

Allium family (garlic, shallots, onions)

Vegetables - wheatgrass, blue green algae (chlorella & spirulina), broccoli, kale, spinach, beets, cauliflower, and sprouts

Nuts & Seeds - almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, quinoa, pumpkin, chia


Spices - curcumin (turmeric), ginger, cardamom, cinnamon

Juicing - like every liquid, it goes right into your bloodstream and avoids the need to digest. In order to get the equivalent of only 1 ounce of juice you’d have to eat 2 pounds of that food. That is how powerful juicing is, and it gets all the amazing vitamins and nutrients into you. I can go on an on here, but really juicing should always include vegetables. 

Eating Raw - There are enzymes in food that naturally help do the ‘work’ behind digesting. At 118 degrees, they don’t survive, so by cooking something at those high temperatures, we are first putting more strain on our digestive system, and secondly at very high temperatures (grilling) we are altering the DNA of food, therefore making it unnatural. Raw foods are very easy to incorporate into a diet, and I try to take the 80% raw / 20% not raw mentality to my diet. 

Vitamins. I take a plant based multivitamin, along with a pill of ChlorellaSpirulina, and Curcumin. I could go on with so much detail why these are great to incorporate, but simply put, these are essential building blocks that give our bodies exactly what we need to be healthy, and provide us with things we won’t get from food otherwise. 


Rainbow Light (multi vitamin)

Mountain Rose (Chlorella, Spirulina)

Swanson Curcumin

Boku (superfoods)

Alkazone (alkaline drops)

Essentia (water, 9.5ph)

Vega (great bars, snacks, powders)


Processed foods, non natural sugars, animal products, GMO’s, pesticides & herbicides (only choose organic)

My Ideal Meal:

Breakfast - fresh fruit combined with some sort of sprouted grain or nuts. Think acai bowl with sprouted grain and fresh fruit. Ezekial ‘raw/sprouted’ cereal with almond milk (any nut milk), fresh fruit, almonds, cardamom and hemp seeds.

Mid Morning Juice - Carrot, Kale, Chard, Lemon, Ginger

Lunch - Any crucierfous vegetable at its core, red bell pepper, sprouts, nuts/seeds, avocado, lemon. Can make a salad with this, or put on sprouted bread.

Dinner - Steamed cruciferous vegetables with a healthy grain (faro, buckwheat) or quinoa. If cooking on stove, only use coconut oil, and start with garlic, shallots, onions as base. 

Liquids - Alkaline water, coconut water, fresh fruit juices, green tea

Snacks - Vega Bar, nuts, seeds, sprouted bread toast with guacamole