If anyone were to ask me what I couldn't live without, I would answer food! Literally and figuratively it has been a HUGE part of my life. Although the days of picking anything from a menu, trying the most extreme cuisine in a foreign land, or going on hot chocolate crawls (yes, I am serious) are over, I have found that handling the nutrition aspect of this journey has helped in a tremendous way. 

Overall, I have transitioned my diet to more of a raw, plant based diet - completely avoiding processed foods, refined sugars, and the 'bad' stuff hasn't been that challenging, and in fact, I've completely immersed myself in learning about what is the best food to cook and eat. Obviously my diet is focused on beating this terrible disease, as well as coping with the severe drain of the treatment, the truth is the foods I am preparing and eating are the best foods for anyone to eat. 

And yes, I'm starving thinking of this and looking at what I've made...