Joe Cross Mean Green Juice

The human body is inextricably dependent on the quality of food and no less its' compatibility with the needs of our bodies. People have awakened to this realization recently, especially in the form of trends and 'diets', but the value of juicing and its 'mysterious' workings on our human bodies cannot be denied, supplying us with the ability to make use of minerals and vitamins we are putting inside of us. I discovered this while going through a health issue of my own, but have learned a ton and incorporate at least two juices a day into my every day life. 

Whether this is your first time trying, to a juicing veteran, I wanted to share some of the things I've learned along with some of my favorite recipes.


Why is juicing so effective, why don't I just eat the food whole? The efficacy of juicing lies in the fact that, by separating the mineral elements and distilled water in the food from the fibers, we relieve our digestive system from that burden, therefore allowing the liquid food to be digested in a matter of minutes. I assure you, 15 minutes after you consume a juice you are filled with vitality and will find yourself no longer hungry. Knowing you are getting the best nutritional value in such a potent way leaves you feeling content and ready to take on your next challenge! 

This digestive system that you are 'skipping,' is required to sparate the mineral elements from the fibers, and involves time and labor, unusual hours, and all at the cost of your digestive system. I personally see a big difference when putting a burden on my digestive system comported to juicing. HUGE difference. The traditional source of digesting whole foods requires energy, and in fact, some of that energy comes from the food you are eating, so you don't even get the full benefits of eating a healthy food.

Enzymes - if you know anyone eating raw (juicing is obviously raw), you would have most likely heard them talking about enzymes. Enzymes are elements that enable the body to be nourished and lived, they are found in the seeds of plants and in sprouting and growth of plants. They allow us to digest food (they do the work), and to absorb it into our blood. Enzymes break down at 118 degrees, so if cooking, be aware of that. 


Balance juicing with higher fiber and protein diets such as beans, nuts, legumes, and lentils throughout the day. As an example of a snack/meal, I like to make cabbage wraps, where I use a red cabbage leaf, coat it with guacamole, put some sprouts and crushed nuts on it. Roll it up and devour them!

If you are staring for the first time, like anything, I would suggest easing your way into it. You will notice an effect, especially on your bowels, but don't be discouraged, that means its working! 

Am I getting enough protein? Generally, speaking yes. But again, juicing is one component of your diet. Incorporating things like beans and nuts have strong sources of protein. 

What You Need:

Your 'level' of juicing completely is up to you - I'm sure there are juicing stores or parts of grocery stores providing juices by you now, but you can also juice your own. The difference is really time vs. money - juicing your own in the long run will save you money, but you will need much more prep time. On the other hand, juice companies/stores will have them available, and most likely in a refrigerator (even though they use high pressure machines to keep fresh, you really should consume your juice within a half hour of making), but will be a little more expensive. 

I suggest trying both ways and seeing what works for you. No matter what it is, make it fit into your life so you can make it a part of it. 

I have three juicers - a Green Star elite juicer, and two Omega juicers - one specifically for wheatgrass (we can talk about this some ether time), and a high speed motor for juicing. They can add up, but necessary in taking control of your healthy life. Again, and as always, up to you!


There are countless juice combinations you can make, and really the point is that you ARE juicing, that's all that matters. I would suggest incorporating in EVERY juice as your 'base' be comprised of carrots (5 sticks usually), ginger, & turmeric. I put these in all of my juices to get the ever needed beta carotene and health effects of ginger (alkaline forming, digestion aid) & turmeric (anti-inflammatory).

Kale, Swiss Chard, Celery, Lemon w/Carrots, Ginger, & Turmeric 

Spinach, Beets, Fennel, with Carrots, Ginger & Turmeric

As always, let me know if you have any questions, happy juicing!!