One year ago today I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. It is a day and moment that is scorched in my memory, especially as I go in today for my 18th cycle of treatment. What a roller coaster it has, and continues, to be.

They told me what to expect. I listened. They told me it would be tough. It is. They told me it would change me. It has. They told me I wouldn't be here now. I am.

I've learned to make the most of the good days. I've learned how precious life is. I've learned who is important to me. I've learned what is important to me. I've learned to let go of control. I've learned who I am. I've learned why I am here. For that I am grateful.

Remember it isn't life's situations that define you, its your reactions.

If you are reading this, you are a part of my life. For that, I say thank you. You provide me strength, you provide me support, you make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me realize how lucky I truly am.

We got this! ‪#‎endcancer‬ ‪#‎smilesforniles‬ ‪#‎mycurewear‬