Hi Friends,

As you know, things have been going in the right direction for me since being diagnosed with Stage IV cancer last fall. Although I am getting my port put back in this week for some clean up treatment, and things continuously go up and down, this experience has led me to following a passion of mine, and starting an apparel line with a greater cause - it is dedicated towards making lives of patients better, while engaging the support of people like you. I'm calling it CureWear. Simply put, CureWear provides patients comfortable clothing during treatment and provides you top notch athletic gear that stands for a cause.

As I look to make this a reality, I wanted to share the Kickstarter campaign I launched HERE. It would mean an incredible amount to me if you took the time to look at it, and get involved in any way you care to do so. Because of you, I never felt alone during the hardest time of my life, and I believe that CureWear provides everyone the opportunity to be inspired by the clothing we wear, and never feel alone.

Your support as always means the world to me, and if you're wondering how else you can help, I would really love your help in spreading the word about this project to your friends, family members, and network.  The more people who know about CureWear, the more people we'll be able to help.